Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal is a treatment to repair damaged infected tooth instead of extracting it.

The root canal treatment procedure, also known as endodontic treatment involves the removal of infected or inflamed pulp wherein the pulp chamber and root canal are completely cleaned out to protect that area from future damage.

Root Canal Treatment

• Root canal treatment is required when the blood or the nerve supply known as the pulp of the tooth gets infected and requires to be removed.
• This removal is trailed by replacing the area occupied by the pulp, with an appropriate filling material.
• Today the Root Canal Treatment carried by dentist in Munich is a Painless Procedure carried out under Local Anesthesia assuring absolute comfort to the patient.
• A skilled dentist can perform this treatment procedure in a single sitting in about 45 minutes.
• Retreatment of previously done root canal treatments is possible by specialized Endodontist and can result in saving a tooth from extraction.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Step-by-Step Root Canal Procedure

1. The first step is to understand the nature of the problem by making a physical examination of the inside of the mouth along with X-ray imaging to visualize the pulp chamber.
2. Next, a local anesthetic will numb the tooth to decrease the discomfort of the patient during the procedure.
3. A dental dam (a minor protective sheet) is then put over the affected tooth to isolate it keep saliva away from it during the procedure.
4. Now the dentist will drill into the crown of the tooth and open it by inserting specialized dental instruments into the pulp chamber and then clean the inflamed or infected pulp from that area.
5. Then the left space is completely cleaned and shaped to make space for a suitable biocompatible material filling, which will replace the infected pulp.
6. A temporary filling is put in place over the opening to seal it. Later, a crown is generally placed over the tooth to protect it in the long-term. (Usually there is a waiting duration time for the next dental appointments while the crown is constructed).

Pain during the Procedure

Over recent times, the Dentist in Munich use latest progressed techniques to perform a root canal treatment making the procedure almost painless and comfortable for patients.

Due to the local anesthesia used during the procedure to numb the area, the patient is relieved from pain, particularly caused by the pulp inflammation.