Quality Healthcare call centres are the need of the hour in the Covid Pandemics

In the midst of pandemics, healthcare customer service plays a critical role in scrambling to stop people flooding hospitals demanding immediate tests to see if they have come down with Coronavirus. Similarly many patients with other illnesses needed to get online consulting from their doctors during the lock downs. Patients expect a high-quality customer service from healthcare call centres that they interact with. It is therefore the responsibility of the healthcare providers to match up to these expectations.

Here are just some of the things that call centers must have, or be able to accomplish to manage customer issues during pandemics and critical situations.

1. Online assessments during the call center agent interview process

Arrange for online assessments which are having “competency-based approach” to interviewing new recruits.  This process will help select the best performers in the group and train them together to become new call center agents.

2. Motivate call center operators with performance scoring and benefits

Introducing Quality monitoring software, such as speech analytics, monitoring and scoring 100% of calls, helps call center managers deliver objective feedback and improve agent performance. Turning the information into a game by tracking progress.

Measuring the customer feedbacks (online surveys, social media, etc.) to reduce customer churn and make changes that will help to improve customer satisfaction in the future.

3. Training operators to avoid negative languages, whatever be the situation

Generally call centers are given scripts with professional language, an upbeat tone, and key phrases to leverage. However, they should be trained well to avoid negative interactions whatever be the situation or how much someone probe you to do the same.

4. Continuous Improvement

Health centre call centres need to introduce a culture of continuous improvement. Team meetings to review teams past week, month, or quarter performance and analyze what strategy worked well and what needs further improvement.